• Mikey Worrall

Dianne Pilkington on Young Frankenstein, Wicked, Les Miserables & Mamma Mia!

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Dianne Pilkington is currently starring as Elizabeth Benning in Young Frankenstein in the West End.

We chatted over a cup of tea in her dressing room in the run up to the Olivier Awards.

She talked about her pre-show rituals, how she learned to cope with Wickedmania, and her 20 years in musical theatre.

Dianne also showed me the vintage bed-come-sofa she inherited from Lily James which now has Matthew Horne’s gold bedspread on it. It sounds odd but it suits her character in this show perfectly.

Speaking of which - and this hadn't occured to me at all until Dianne said it - Elizabeth Benning is like grown-up Glinda, if she'd never met Elphaba. Mind blown, right?

Young Frankenstein is running at the Garrick Theatre until 25th August 2018. It's due to go out on a UK tour beginning in September 2019.

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