• Mikey Worrall

We all Come From Away: The Newfoundlanders and Come From Aways tell their stories

In this episode we meet some of the people whose stories are told in the musical Come From Away which opened last month at the Phoenix Theatre in the West End.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, it’s about what happened when the US airspace was closed on 9/11. 38 planes were forced to land at Gander airport on a Canadian island called Newfoundland. The 7,000 people from those planes were taken in and looked after by the people of Gander and nearby towns for five days before the planes were allowed to take off again.

I was recently invited to go and have a chat with some of the Newfoundlanders and some of the plane people who were stranded there at the time.

They’d come to London see the show and meet the actors playing them. And for one afternoon they all got together on the top floor of Canada House, overlooking Trafalgar Square, where once again, they told their versions of what happened on the north east tip of north America in September 2001.

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