• Mikey Worrall

Summer Strallen on Intra Muros, Young Frankenstein, Love Never Dies & The Sound of Music

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Summer Strallen has been singing, dancing and acting since she was three-years-old. Growing up as the niece of Bonnie Langford and the daughter of Sandy Strallen and Cherida Langford, there was never any doubt Summer and her three sisters would follow them into showbusiness.

Summer has worked extensively in musical theatre, most recently appearing as Inga in Young Frankenstein in the West End, as well as playing Meg Giry in the original production of Love Never Dies and taking over from Connie Fisher as Maria in The Sound of Music.

Having recently made her directorial debut Above The Stag, Summer is trying to work outside her comfort zone. That’s how she ended up in Intra Muros at Park Theatre in north London.

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