• Mikey Worrall

Clive Carter on Come From Away, Wicked, Into the Woods, Phantom and Les Mis

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Clive Carter is one of the Olivier award nominated stars of Come From Away.

He was in the original cast of Les Miserables at the Barbican, created the role of Raoul in Phantom of the Opera (while it was in development at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Sydmonton estate), and he was part of the original West End cast of Into the Woods.

Clive has been working as an actor since 1975 and is one of a handful of actors who has seamlessly switched between Shakespearean plays to big budget musicals.

Come From Away is about what happened when the US airspace was closed on 9/11. 38 planes were forced to land at Gander airport on a Canadian island called Newfoundland. The 7,000 people from those planes were taken in and looked after by the people of Gander and nearby towns for five days before the planes were allowed to take off again.

I’ve done a few episodes on the show before when I’ve been able to have a quick chat with Clive but I really wanted to have a proper conversation with him to talk about his career in more detail.

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